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The largest high school hackathon in the world is the perfect opportunity for you to establish your brand and connect with the next generation of dreamers and doers.
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mission statement

Los Altos Hacks VIII is Los Altos's eigth annual high school hackathon.
We inspire programmers of all skill levels to fall in love with technology and programming; our past six events have served over 2000 Bay Area high schoolers, giving them the opportunity to learn and apply new skills through the projects they make at our event.
Our hackathons have consistently been the largest high school hackathon on the West Coast, and for several of our events, one of the largest high school hackathons globally. This year, we are aiming to have 350 attendees, with an emphasis placed on including minority groups in STEM.
Since we were founded, we have made it our goal to maintain a 1:1 gender ratio and ensure that students, regardless of their background, can have the opportunity to attend our hackathon and become inspired to pursue a career in STEM.
To make Los Altos Hacks VIII an even more unforgettable experience, we would love to have you as a sponsor! As a sponsor of Los Altos Hacks, there are numerous perks available, such as having your logo on our shirts and website, access to recruiting materials, product demo opportunities, and more!
For more information, you can reach us at [email protected].


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